Public access can save you money as you do not need the services of a solicitor and only pay for a barrister. By choosing your barrister and acting as a Litigant in Person, you may be able to achieve the legal judgement you seek at an early stage of proceedings and in a much more cost-effective and timely manner.

Hampshire Family Law charges a fee for each piece of work completed, rather than charging on an hourly rate. We will give you a quote for every piece of work at each stage of the process, allowing you to see exactly where your money is going and to keep your legal costs in control. This gives you greater flexibility and means you only pay for what you need.

Due to the limitations of the Public Access Scheme, we are unable to represent clients who will be using legal aid/public funding to pay for their legal action. Legal aid, or public funding, is where the government covers legal costs in serious cases where the client is unable to pay themselves. This is because legal aid claims must be processed by a solicitor. Please take a look at the government website to find out whether you could be eligible for legal aid.

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Jane: Divorce with Special Guardianship case

Imogen met with Jane*, a married woman caring for a grandchild, who wanted advice following her separation from her husband.  She had been to mediation and it had failed.  She wanted to know what her options were before committing to instructing a particular barrister on her case. During their meetings, Imogen and Jane discussed how […]

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