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Welcome to Hampshire Family Law!

We are delighted to launch our new venture which brings four highly qualified barristers together to offer legal advice under the direct access scheme. Our service allows all of our clients to take control of their case and see our barristers without consulting a solicitor, saving time and money.

Hampshire Family Law was conceived when a group of us realised we were direct access trained and could work together. There is now a greater demand for cost effective advice from experienced barristers, so we designed a personal, tailored service for who wish to contact us directly. After all, the law can be minefield, especially when you are facing the break-up of your family.  It is a time when many feel vulnerable, yet have to put on a brave face in front of their children, family and work colleagues.

We provide the advice, guidance and support our clients need so they can conduct themselves with dignity through the process. Whether clients need a conference to ask questions and gain advice, assistance to draft a document or want to be represented in court, we can support them every step of the way.

If you’d like to find out more about the people in our collective, we recommend visiting our biography page.

Our operation is based in Winchester, a well-known legal centre, bringing direct access legal advice to people throughout Hampshire and the surrounding counties. We are already seeing our first clients and we hope this brand new, jargon-free website will draw others to our new service.

We will be updating this website with news, blogs and case studies, so keep checking back to hear more about our work.

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