I am a public access qualified barrister who specialises in all aspects of family law. I qualified as a barrister in 2008 and have practised exclusively in family law since 2011.

I am regularly instructed on behalf of clients in relation to disputes arising out of the breakdown of a relationship, particularly those involving disagreements about finances or children.

I have strong negotiating and advocacy skills and will always do my best to ensure that I achieve the best possible outcome on your behalf.  With ten years’ experience of practicing in family law I understand the impact that family proceedings can have on my clients.

Clients who I have represented in the past have commented on my:

o Thorough preparation;

o Ability to identify the key issues in the case at an early stage;

o Strong drafting skills / paperwork

o Pragmatic / straightforward advice and my firm but fair approach

o Persuasive advocacy skills

I strongly believe that it is beneficial for my clients if I am involved in the process as soon as possible and this means that I am often instructed at short notice in urgent applications. I am always happy to advise by telephone or Skype when there isn’t time for a face to face meeting.

Although I have wide range of expertise in both financial and children matters, I am regularly instructed in complex and protracted disputes between parents and family members including cases involving parental alienation / implacable hostility and applications to remove children permanently from the jurisdiction.

I am based in London but my work often takes me all over the south of England.

My areas of expertise are

Private Law Children (Disputes between parents or family members)

o I am often instructed on behalf of parents, grandparents and step-parents;

o These cases often involve disputes concerning the time the children spends with family members, specific issues such as name or schooling or relocating, either  to another part of the country or internationally;

o I enjoy becoming involved as early on as possible so that I can advise as to case strategy where appropriate.

Public Law Children (Where the Local Authority are involved)

o I often represent parents, grandparents, the child (through their court-appointed Guardian) and the Local Authority.  This means that I am able to analyse a case from the viewpoint of every party in the proceedings;

o I have experience of cases involving the death of a child, allegations of sexual abuse and non-accidental injuries.  These cases often involve concurrent criminal proceedings.

Matrimonial Finance

o I represent husbands, wives and intervenors in cases where agreement cannot be reached as to how the matrimonial assets should be divided after separation;

o I have extensive experience of acting in cases of non-disclosure and where there are assets outside of the jurisdiction.



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